About Me

Hello There!

I am Anna, a Professional Photographer in Rome.

I started taking photographs at 16 in my hometown, Budapest. I've had the privilege of studying in some of the finest schools from Budapest to Rome and New York. Since 2006, I've been fortunate to call Italy home. And now... well, I'm almost 40 and proud to say I'm a photographer in Rome wiith over twenty years of experience in photography.

Some important facts you have to know about me:

I am...

• Qualified: as a specialized portrait photographer, I possess the skills, expertise, and highly professional equipment necessary to conduct your perfect photoshoot in Rome.

• Social: I always create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during the photo shoot. This helps to capture your natural expressions and emotions.

• Flexible:I understand that each client is unique, so I am open to your suggestions and preferences. I will collaborate with you to craft a personalized photoshoot in Rome.

• An expat too:  So I understand the challenges that come with traveling to a new place and I am here to help make your visit enjoyable.

• An English (and Italian)-speaker: I speak some French and a very little bit of German as well. Communication will be easy and effective.

• Knowledgeable: I can recommend the best locations for your photos in Rome, whether you're looking for iconic landmarks or hidden gems.

nna Nagy stands in front of the Colosseum. As a professional photographer in Rome, she captures the city's essence through her lens.

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