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You are unique

I would be happy to assist if you have any questions or a special project in mind.

Beyond my primary services, I am delighted to go the extra mile to bring your unique requests to life. Whether it's a book of you and your cherished canine companion, immortalizing your unforgettable bachelor and bachelorette parties in Rome, or accommodating any other special requests, I am committed to crafting a tailored experience that surpasses your expectations.

Collage of Photoshoot in Rome

Individual Photoshoot

My vacation photography session is tailored to showcase you at your best, striking your most captivating poses against the backdrop of Rome. In the midst of a unique photoshoot among Rome's grand monuments and hidden gems, you become an integral part of the city's timeless narrative.

Utilize these captivating images to immortalize your Roman vacation, share the highlights on social media, or use them for personal branding. These photos in Rome not only showcases your experiences but also serves as a visually striking representation of your personality.

Do not worry! In the unique setting of Rome, the enchanting atmosphere not only dissolves shyness, but I also focus on fostering a comfortable environment that promotes spontaneity and encourages the sharing of genuine experiences.



Couple Photoshoot

This session stands as a vibrant chronicle of shared adventures amidst the enchanting backdrop of Rome.

Surprise proposal: Let's orchestrate a magical surprise proposal for the special person in your life. I'll start by discreetly hiding, ready to capture the genuine joy and then posed shots that will etch this unforgettable occasion into the tapestry of your shared memories.

Engagement: Celebrate your love story with a captivating engagement photoshoot.

Honeymoon: Embark on your honeymoon adventure with the assurance that your memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

Whether you're exploring the historic streets of Rome or basking in the sun on the Amalfi Coast, I'll be there to capture every romantic moment of your getaway.

Family Photoshoot

Imagine a family photoshoot in Rome designed to capture your precious moments without worrying about heavy cameras. As the kids grow, these photos become treasures, tangible memories that you can cherish. Against the timeless backdrop of ancient monuments and hidden corners of the city, I will document genuine laughter, hugs, and the unique bond you share.

It's not just a photoshoot: it's an opportunity to celebrate the connection that defines your family. Each photograph will be a precious memory, a glimpse into the past that you can revisit whenever you look at them.


A beautiful thing is never just an accident; it becomes a reality when we are determined to make it so.

If you’d like, I collaborate with suitable professionals who can further customize the photoshoot to meet your specific requirements with


Other Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy (makeup)

Professional makeup artist prepping you for the photoshoot.

Other Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy (Hairstylist)

Hairstylist ensuring perfect hairdos.

What Else I Can Offer You

Other Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy (Flying dress)

Do you need an outfit from a cinematic rental? We'll find it for you.

Other Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy (flowers)
Props and Flowers

If you need some glamorous props...

Vespa Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy

Looking for an authentic Roman photoshoot? Hiring a Vespa is tailor-made for you.

Fiat Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy
Vintage Fiat 500

To truly embody style in Italy, this symbol of the country cannot be missing.

Other Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy (Venue Rental)
Venue Rental

Do you have an indoor editorial-style photoshoot in mind? Let's make it happen!

Studio Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy

As a portrait photographer, I'm here to cater to your needs, including studio shoots.

Video service in Rome

With years of experience in documentary filmmaking, creating your mini film won't be a problem.

Private Driver Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy
Private driver

Available for extended photoshoots.

Photoshop Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy
Photoshop Extra

Although extra Photoshop retouching requests are not included in my packages, you can book them as additional services.

Printed album Service for Photography Session in Rome Italy

If your stay in Rome is extended, a fine art album option awaits you.


Studio Portrait Photography in Rome

Studio photographer in Rome
As a portrait photographer in Rome, I am more than happy to organize studio photoshoots for you of any kind. Feel free to contact me for details or check my personal website to view some of my works.

Need a Photographer ? Someone with Experience and a Poetic Touch to capture your best moments in Rome?

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